What Makes A Good Presentation

A Good Start -
Good [morning, afternoon, evening], Ladies and Gentlemen. [When presenting Marketing strategies to the boards of Fortune 100 companies, the greeting "Hello, Gentlemen" will generally suffice.]




Vignette / Scenario (Imagine thatů.)

Convey the KEY POINTS

Highlight YOUR GOAL and CONTRIBUTIONS, highlight the product's USES and APPEAL to target demographics.

Slides: Keep them uncluttered, use visuals. Unnecessarily complicated diagrams can add much-needed weight to your presentation.

Too many numbers are difficult to digest. Studies show that 74% of all presenters when selling a marketing strategy to upper-management level executives which are in the 35-50 demographic overuse numbers in their presentation. this is, of course, susceptible to a +/- 3% error, and standard deviation of degree of boredom (26-60j regarded as "high") is 7 +/- 2.

Introduce and maintain a theme throughout the presentation. A wise theme is "Each Feature Was Chosen To Maximize the Market."

Follow a chronological format. Start with an overview, then go through the situation analysis, then the research problems, your methodology, description of the results, conclusions, marketing plan and a limitations section.

What is good market analysis? Remember Target Demographics. Upwardly-mobile 20-somethings in technological industries are more likely to identify with a tune from the Smiths rather than the Beatles or Elvis.

Have backup material ready for questions and clarifications. Anticipate questions.

Keep the audience involved and interested.

Have a sense of humor, be relaxed, and yet be very professional


Make sure that the presentation is continuous, coherent and does not jump from part to part.

Questions and Answers.

Congratulations, your astute presentation and confident manner will help you move up quickly in the marketing world. Madison Avenue is trembling.