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3 August 2000

what's in a name

A friend of mine has seven names, each used in different contexts, and each, he says, having no meaning outside of that context. Today, I learned a second name. It was one I was aware of, but had made no connection that this name, too, was really his. Don't confuse this, these are real names, and I wonder if he's different people, not merely an alias, a nickname for a certain tribe, clan, or social circle.

I, on the other hand, go by one name, with variations by context. Yet, I am also different people, constructs of behavior dictated by the four walls which surround me. Who I am isn't even in my writing, that's just one of me. People-politics, being what it is (image-driven), and me, being what I am, have conspired to make me comfortable with a certain duplicity. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I'm not that good at it.


People can be so thoughtless. It's a good thing that breathing is autonomic, or we'd all have suffocated long ago.

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