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7 September 2000

ah, yes.

Got a new machine at home. Two, sort of. But this first round is about the computer. It is state-of-the-art, big monitor, fast processor, lots of RAM, and a noisy-ass fan. I can't keep the dang thing on when I sleep. But that's OK, I'll just call Dell and ask them to send me a new one. I don't even have all the software moved over to it yet, and my old Gateway is just sitting on the floor, all hooked up so that when I want to get to all those emails I've saved for the last 3 years (bet you didn't know I kept everything, did you?) I get to sit on the floor like a kindergartener for them. What this means to you is probably close to nothing, but I'm overall pleased with this new toy...


The other new toy I have is a beautiful guitar which just came in last week from Carvin. The guitar has a beautiful Blueburst finish. One minor complaint is that the low-end isn't as full as the old Tele. Ah, well.

the treatises of judith iscariot

I have an idea for the adaptation of some monologues I've been writing. Rather corrupt ones, I might add. I think I'll use Judith Iscariot as the main character who speaks these things. It's a little like Spooky's monologues in Iron Society, but with a bit more bite to them. You see, I've been tossing these little things around for the better part of a couple years. Initially, they were to be monologues in a film, spoken by a disillusioned leader to his inner circle. Now it'll be Judith speaking to noone in particular. Or something.


This applies to everyone.

  • don't ask for advice then do nothing. it makes people want to stop giving you advice.
  • she won't change unless she wants to badly enough, so be prepared to live with it or live without her.
  • i will find a way to disqualify myself from my desires.
  • my family are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. seriously.
  • t.s. eliot sounds like a pansy when reading his poetry. i've a tape iBogost gave to me which has alec guiness reading. it rocks.
  • perry is damn insightful.
  • asparagus juice is definitely a regrettable beverage.
  • no one wants to take responsibility for their mistakes, but saying "i don't care what i did" is better than saying "i had to because x, y, z..."

musings of a prod.

Headin' to the ranch with some folks from the Revolution! Also, Dr. Zaius is back, a little leaner, but as insightful as ever.


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