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21 September 2000
autumnal equinox

all is proceeding as i have foreseen, unfortunately

OBI-WAN: Your destiny lies along a different path than mine. The Force will be with you...always!

TIM: Ugh.

i guess

I don't think it's a Weblog. I mean, there are many far more interesting weblogs, like Mister Pants (which, by the way, is so good it's in my links section right over there under "diversion"), or the far-less-frequently updated 50cups.com Strange Brew, or, hell, even LanceLog. This thing? It is, as one friend puts it, "traditional, driven narrative." The epitome of anecdote it ain't. So there you have it. Traditional, driven narrative, served piping hot every so often since 1998. Maybe you could read some poetry. Or maybe I should bite the bullet, give up on hope for print-publication, and post Intimations. Or maybe I should get off my ass and write something again. Or maybe I should just go home and put my head under my pillow for a while and listen to my new computer's loud-ass fan.

'fade to dark'

My friend and periodic poetic co-conspirator Jennifer has a new poetry project on her Web site: Fade To Dark. She's been working on it, bits and pieces, on and off, for the last couple years, and now it's seeing the light of day, as it were. There are some real gems in here, and even more evidence that she's a far superior writer to myself ('Angelica' from invention IV creeps in for a moment!). Go check it out.

musings of a prod.

A rough day for The Revolution. The Ranch really was such a lovely place.


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