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26 September 2000

time, flies, and you are there

TIME understands the world we share, yes TIME brings you closer to living.

I have about a month's worth of back-issues of TIME magazine in the foot-well of the passenger seat in my car, the (un)Welcome Wagon. And I know, a bit too well, the early '80s TV-ad jingle for TIME. Apparently, TIME flies in my car. Not to mention the mysterious peach pit and the dead bee. I don't know how either of those 2 things got in there. My car is beginning to thoroughly creep me out.

Kid A: dedicated to the first human clone

So, Radiohead's new album Kid A is coming out October 3. I've been conscientiously avoiding any 'spoiler' info on it, but I heard a 30-second piece of 'Optimistic' which impressed me all to Fresno and back. I've been awaiting Kid A anxiously, even more anxiously than The Cure's Bloodflowers, if you can believe that. For links and useful and interesting info, check out greenplastic.com or followmearound.com.

Also, you may be interested in seeing my friend Akio's interpretation of the album's cover...

one day youll know where you are

For the real image, go to Radiohead's page.

musings of a prod.

Hanging in there at The Revolution. A couple weeks then looking back at the last 6 months. I hope I didn't screw up as bad as I think.


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