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11 October 2000

proof that ANODE.ORG is a boring place.

The last 10 queries from search engines which led people to ANODE. This non-scientific survey indicates that 10% of users searching the web are looking for something like ANODE.ORG.

  1. anode
  2. anode
  3. Anode
  4. what is an anode?
  5. experimental+web+art
  6. anode paste
  7. anode paste
  8. anode
  9. anode
  10. anode

Mmmm. A little anode paste sounds pretty good about now. So does some plaster of paris. I never seem to get the weird stuff that hits the Pedal site like "rubber+chicken+cult."

not much to say

It must be something about the weather today.

musings of señor prod.

Hang on to your hats and glasses, 'cause this here Revolution's the wildest ride in the wilderness.


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