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28 November 2000

I know how it is, sometimes

When that emotion washes over you and through you, like a cleansing, it is at once glorious and vast, empty and aching.

sitting here

Tonight, focus has eluded me. I'm barely managing to write this, what with my mind touching on a thousand points, never impaling itself on a genuine thought. And so, you're subjected to this: my rambling in search of a meaningful phrase. Hm. Tonight's musings (below) are of the larger picture, and not just the latest goings-on at the Revolution. Read the linked stories, they'll warm your heart and make you feel fuzzy inside, much like eating a questionable slice of bread or ever-so-slightly misprepared blowfish.

musings of señor prod.

The Revolution: weathering the dot.com / developer 'downturn.'

  • iXL: trading today at 1.09 from a 52-week high of 58.75.
  • marchFIRST: trading today at 1.06 from a 52-week high of 81.13.

Sleep tight, dot.com kids, welcome to the internet economy.


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