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8 January 2001

enough to last us weeks

Tom Ferrara, President and CEO of CareerEngine Inc. in New York City: "My career New Year resolution is that I would like to create a seamless integration in working tighter to create efficiencies and cost savings."

Apparently, his non-career resolution is to use more buzzwords in his everyday speech.

So, in comparing to German's Atomkinder, as well as keeping in my own tradition, I'm trying to decide whether to make my resolutions public or not...

how people keep ending up here...

I get the strangest referrer logs. Granted, nothing quite so strange as how some people end up at ShanMonster's site, but odd nonetheless. Among the numerous hits for various prescription medications, which tend to send visitors into the labyrinth of Affliction, and the odd Clockwork Orange reference (sending people to iron society), I get some repeating searches which remain a mystery, or are just plain weird. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. bavaria tattoo (huh?)
  2. DEARFOAM SLIPPERS (several times! I can't even think where I use that phrase...)
  3. sacraficial anode [sic]
  4. thylacine films
  5. animated ankhs (apparently a hit from a lonely goth friend out there trying to make their site sparkle...)
  6. eidetic memory, psychosis
  7. birthday spanking (word seems to have gotten out!)
  8. voltaire philosopher (not long after followed by...)
  9. voltaire pervert

... and then some rather rude things which are inappropriate for mixed company, but, needless to say, appear in the dialog of either post meridian or iron society.

musings of señor prod.

The Revolution will not be televised. Did you hear that racket? 'S getting pretty darn busy 'round here.


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