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1 February 2001

Morbid Fact du Jour

Like a page out of my own history book, it's the Morbid Fact du Jour. For those Tim-history buffs among you, you'll notice a striking resemblance of that page with the first incarnation of my site (which was, in its larval stage, just the poetry section Static). Replace that dripping-blood font with Bank Gothic, those blood horizontal rules with an odd rectangle of improbably-colored clouds and that's (proto-Elsewhere / proto-ANODE) Static v1.0!

whichever way the wind blows

The mountain, of course, was immovable. Ironically, it was a mustard-seed volume of faith that held it where it was...

greenness decays

I spoke with Clinton last night at some great length. The conversation evolved, as conversations are wont to do, and at some point touched upon my perspective, my experience along the proverbial journey of life. Many odd metaphors were tossed around like they were to be toyed with, but nothing turned out to be quite satisfying to me. Clinton at some point described my experience with that of living life through the lens of a sniper scope, seeing in sharp detail distant objects, but not close ones. The metaphor was close, but there was something not right about it, something which didn't allow it to settle into my mind the way so many other metaphors do.

It having been late, I can not well remember how the conversation approached fractals, but through that discussion, he related the idea that greenness decays.

I'm holding a fern leaf in my hands. Curious (of course) why it's green, I begin to dissect it to understand what it is that makes it green. Progressively smaller pieces remain green, and eventually I reach the chlorophyll in the cells. Is this the basic unit of green? No. There is something that makes the chlorophyll green, and so I continue. I analyze the molecular structure, the atoms, the sigma- and pi-bonds in the proteins, the shapes and the energies in the molecule. The bonds are not green, the atoms are not green. The green has decayed.

That is, indeed, one aspect of how I experience the world. I've investigated, probed, analyzed, dissected each cell of my experience. Often, I lose the shape of the leaves entirely, and sometimes, I lose the green altogether.

musings of señor prod.

The Revolution will not be televised. It's important to be good, it's good to be happy. Is it better to be happy?


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