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3 February 2001

DHTML. Hooray.


I guess it's what I get for going digital. I've been trying on and off, unsuccessfully, to get info popups on the beautiful, clickthrough-deprived ANODE homepage. Those little DHTML doohickeys never worked on Netscape, or never worked on the (regrettably) superior IE. So, now you'll see on that page the install dates for the art projects (terminal illness predates ANODE, so it's ANODE's incept date on there), and the update dates for the variable-content pages, just like this little one right here.

Maybe it's what you get for going digital. I don't know. Either way, the popups are there, they'll be updated as the pages are, and that irritating counter script which drove me batty got its own virtual include. So the homepage is at index.shtml now ... and, in the method I use so well, I haven't yet gone in and changed all of the index.html links to index.shtml, so I dropped a refresh in to get you where you need to be. Maybe I'll fix it later, but maybe it'll end up like the Elsewhere sub-nav bar and be broken on the site for months before I find out.

Oh, by the way, to give a little more life to these pages, I've put in a bit of code which encourages me to put images in my page, just like above. The only thing is that my paragraph needs to be longer on the page than the image, or it pushes over on entries below... But netscape still makes them look like crap. O well.

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