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19 February 2001
the straight to video edition

straight to video...

This 2/19 page has been superceded, so I put it directly into the archive.


More from Million Dollar Jo...

I got an email from him last night, in regards to a (formerly) local convenience store. It was called 7-FOOD. Would that I had a picture of it... It lives on South street between Norwalk and Pioneer. Obviously a former 7-ELEVEN, the fact that the ridiculously silly-sounding word "food" was in the name was humor enough, but the unnatural union of 7-FOOD was just too much for some of us. Jo tells me that now it has changed yet again to just "FOOD". We await the next incarnation.

Hobson's Choice

"In my hands I hold two stones," said the oracle at Delphi to me, "Magical stones, for all you know. It is sufficient to say that they will work and you will never understand how. In my left hand is a glowing moon rock, retrieved from the next fixed sphere (the sphere of Luna, Diana) by an intrepid expedition. Should you select this stone, its heat will scald you, it will awaken your sensations, it will intoxicate you, but you will be utterly unable to hold it for more than a few seconds.

"In my right hand, the privileged hand, is a simple earthly gem. It was mined from the hills far beyond the city walls, polished to a high shine. You see?" asked the oracle, "It nearly glows from the inside, but in a darkened room, you will see that it does not shine as the moon-rock. You may use this gem to adorn yourself, for its beauty is undeniable. Yet gemstones you have, I see," the oracle continued, "and it will not stir the fiery heavens within you, but it will comfort you with soothing thoughts. So what say you? The moon-rock, the fire which will extinguish? Or the gemstone, an endurable beauty?"

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