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6 March 2001


The first part of my new writing venture is titled Travels. They're 5 brief (or not-so-brief) stories about moving from one place to another, either in the literal sense, or within oneself. Actually, I'm going to purloin Coalmines for this section. Of course, it'll be edited a bit...


The second part of my new writing venture is titled Visions. Again, they will total in 5 entries, all about dreams, desires, hallucinations, connections to the non-physical world which surrounds us. As the centerpiece of this section, I've decided to use a version of A Letter from the Inaccessible, again, edited, expanded, and modified.


Finally, there is the section which I call Procedures. There is some overlap here with the Procedures project I'm still working to get off the ground, ANODE-style, but the medical level of implication will only be surface-level. The 5 pieces in Procedures will be about methods, logic, their implications and their failures, broken rules and intentional deviations. I don't (yet, at least) have a story or word-game to place there yet, and I'm still trying to decide how I can write something which covers this topic and make it interesting...

musings of señor prod.

Doing the things The Revolution can.

Sometimes, I go into Panic Mode, and in a way, those days are good because, in Panic Mode, my mind is racing, touching on a thousand points. My attention span shrinks down to about 30 seconds, and I get a ton of little things done, those little things that can wait, but why not do them?

On days like today, though, it's very hard indeed to make sure things go right, to keep track of the thousand things that might go wrong to derail a project, and see to it that none of them transpire. Hence Panic Mode. A little panic is healthy now and again, keeps me on my toes. Too much panic wears me out, to little and I get complacent.


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