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3 April 2001
an evening of comparisons?

you've long asked for it

not so bad, considering...

Tonight, it's late... at least for me. For you, it may be sunny and bright right now, but as I'm sitting here, I'm watching the cars drive by the Revolution on another late night and spending a little time away from looking at the project that is taking longer to get to full term than it should have.

Well, here's my simple attempt to accomodate those of you (actually, both of you) who have been pestering me to put an image of myself on this site. For a while, I thought I was waiting until I found a reasonably flattering picture, considering my affliction of Dysphotogenia.... but I always had this one waiting in the wings. Tonight I realize I was waiting until I found something to give you a balanced perspective on how I look, good and bad. Fortunately for me, I look much more like this picture than the next, the one which I feel is the most un-flattering picture I've taken since my freshman year of college when you could see my tonsils. Just clicky on the pic and see the larger version (made B&W and gamma corrected by Patty of dessert-book-making fame). This pic was taken under the auspices of my old co-worker Scott's new digital camera at the Former Place of Employment Which Shall Remain Nameless (but it rhymes with commjerks) in early 1999.

let me remind you, you asked for it...


Considering this is a party political broadcast to the ravenous nations, I have included this pic on the principal that equal time should be given to both sides of every argument. Granted, I feel that the pic above is more like my day-to-day self than this one here, but I can't guarantee that. Both are pics of me at most 2 days from a shave and, on average, that's about right. This pic was taken on a polaroid sticker-camera at Clinton's farewell party at the Great Greek (Opa!) in lovely downtown Sherman Oaks. I tried to look silly in this pic, but instead look somewhere in between constipated and possessed. Needless to say, I'm not linking this one to a larger pic...

if you call...

If you call and ask, I'll say yes. That doesn't change the increasing realization that it's not the right thing... I apologize for the subtext in even bringing relationships up, but ultimately, these are the things which I hold dear. I will not sit on my deathbed at a ripe old age, and when asked, say "I wish I were famous. I wish I were adored by the silent, invisible crowds in front of their blue boxes." I will certainly not say "I wish I'd stayed at the office till after 1am more often." One of the things I intend to say is, "I have a wife, family, and friends who have loved me, and into whose lives I brought much joy. My only wish is that I could have brought them even more."

That's how we're different. The ignored crave attention in their lives. The scorned crave acceptance. We're just that different, you and I. This isn't a case of how we're wired, but how we were socialized.

musings of señor prod.

Doing the things The Revolution can.

03.23.01: The Experience Began on the Web, after a 40-hour day rife with unconfigured servers, last-minute changes (the 800-pound-gorilla effect), and the coup de grace, a URL change at 11am on 3/23 itself.

The Macroscopic Prophet now needs to turn his focus to Microscopic Problem-Solving. Time to stop leaning on what I'm good at and work even more on what I need to improve.


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