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8 April 2001

when it comes free

Public opinion is just about unanimous: it's a waste of my time, I'd be better served offering my treasures elsewhere. I'm not yet convinced, but are you counting the days, wondering how many are left? I am now.

The Television Sky, version 3

the channels of the television sky

I know, I'm an incautious designer, and on my site, I have temperamental (at best) support for the more finicky browsers. So if you're on a Mac, you'll find it a little weird, perhaps the scroller isn't working right, perhaps the layout is broken. If you're on Netscape, the scroller works but the layout is a little off.

Regardless, I worked feverishly and very late into last night (or, more precisely, this morning) in a fit of 6 hours of photoshopping, DHTML reverse-engineering, coding, and CSSing to bring the latest version of The Television Sky to fruition. Redesigning that project has been a middle-to-high priority for me for a while (followed closely by a new gateway for Aurora), and I've finally gotten to it. I hope you enjoy it, and watch with me as it expands and gets the attention the idea has long deserved. Of course, were I not in the midst of a wicked case of writer's block (for want of a name, I think...) and were I able to sleep and eat as I should lately, this would likely not have happened. Consider it the bright side of writer's block, insomnia, and a broken heart.

Of course, my mental state has probably affected the look (especially the look of the images which, in previous incarnations merely floated in space at the top of the screen, unattached and begging for some sense of completion), but I hope you enjoy the fruits of my late-night feverish concentration.

musings of señor prod.

Doing the things The Revolution can.

The Macroscopic Prophet now needs to turn his focus to Microscopic Problem-Solving. Time to stop leaning on what I'm good at and work even more on what I need to improve.


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