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24 April 2001

miranda envisioned, part 4 of 4

at long last

Earlier today, my digital camera arrived from the Amazon. Of course, according to UPS it was supposed to have been sitting on my desk yesterday, but such are the exigencies of e-commerce. At last, though, I was able to take a digital photo of the Miranda painting by my dear friend (currently up in the Bay Area) Patty. The triptych protrays, with impressive colors and amazing textures, the poem I wrote in 1998, Of Cities and Deserts. Once again, I cannot explain how exciting and flattering it is to have one of my very own poems be an inspiration for a further artwork. Fortunately for me, Patty is a college student with a not-so-large living space, and had no location to put the 6.5'x4' triptych. Miranda is in the living room, in her proper place of honor above the couch and between the torchières.

The image above is a link to a full picture of the painting, in its natural habitat. With a little tweaking, the new camera was willing to take a shot without the flash, and what you see above is, more or less, how the painting looks as you're in the room. I've yet to devise a way for me to light the painting better, but if you have any ideas, let me know.

musings of señor prod.

Why are the bad days now more frequent than they used to be? Not necessarily for myself, but for so many others? As Perry said, there are all these people around, whispering "someone help me," but not speaking up; and I'm doing it too.


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