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25 April 2001

million dollar saturday, or super audio absorbency

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million dollar studio day

This last saturday, the Million Dollar Gods spent many hours in a studio in sunny, glorious Long Beach to record some songs for a demo. There were many glitches and challenges, and the result is still in the air... we may be able to salvage some of the audio tracks to the point where they're suitable for public consumption. For those of you who don't know, there's a reason that well-known and well-connected bands often spend months upon months in a studio just to release 10 songs. It's hard work. So, the jury is still out on our excursion into the land of re-takes and technical glitches. Above are some screenshots from the video which Kane shot that day while we recorded.

  1. Screenshot of the Windows header for one MDG song, "My America."
  2. The drums. Yes, those are maxi-pads. Yes, they're super-absorbent of sound as well. Their use was recommended by our engineer, who has an impressive resume (does Paul McCartney ring a bell?). At first, we thought it was a hazing ritual for neophyte studio drummers, but they helped make the drums sound downright amazing under the microphone.
  3. Jojo at the helm.
  4. Kane laying down the vocals.
  5. me, working on a new "My America" chorus bass line. My shirt is actually dark green, but for some reason, the camera tweaked the color...
  6. Behold, the Avalon U5: the best DI (direct injection) box a bass player could have in the studio; or live, for that matter. (image)

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