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26 April 2001

livejournalistic integrity (from the waist down)

I've been considering it often, knowing full well that an update to this here monstrosity, though I've made it rather painless all told (just 'view source' and you'll see the modularity), is somewhat of a time consuming effort. Of course, that is part of the fun.

Just open up in textpad, cut 'n' paste that which lies between my "begin main content section" and "end main content section" comments, paste into the proper place of an archive page, edit the 'teeny' quote at the bottom of the page, and write something new here. It's a pretty simple four-step process I've made for myself here. And yet...

There are certain things, mainly those random thoughts or even less meaningful things, which tend to slip by daily. So I signed my sorry ass up for a livejournal account. No need to mention the ridiculous amount of peer pressure I got from German and Patty. Just kidding.

But seeing how easy it's been for German to update his journal made me somewhat jealous, even despite the fact that I have my Elsewhere updates down to a science, 30 seconds before I'm ready to write. Also, there are many things which cross my mind on a daily basis that just don't seem appropriate for Elsewhere (see one of today's updates, an excerpt from an old ICQ conversation between myself and Raven)... Essentially, my livejournal is a repository for Elsewhere's backwash and overflow. You can also respond on a public message board should you be so inclined.

Share and enjoy.

But fear not, this here page is not going anywhere, and I'll still be updating it 5-10 times a month... as though you awaited each and every update with baited breath, I'm sure.

doing what you love

I spoke to a dear, dear friend today from a thousand miles away; yesterday she was on a real live set, doing real live acting before a real live camera. The conversation came in fits and starts (as we were both at work), but I could readily tell that she was simply gushing with happiness over the experience which she's been working so hard for. This entry is to tell posterity how proud I am of her, and how happy I am that her dream is beginning to take tangible shape.

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