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29 April 2001

angel on the air

angel on the air

what a weekend.

I stayed at home a lot this weekend, and for some unfathomable reason, a lot of things happened, or more precisely, got done. First, I was fiddling with my livejournal colors, and was just surfing along playing something like six degrees of Tim Clark. I found that I'm only a couple degrees from some extremely interesting people.

I was chatting briefly with Alisa and she told me that this Los Angeles art collective she started with German and Patty, which I happen to be a part of, has a project: angel images. So, what you see above is the result, Angel on the Air. Sorry about the 47k image (I'm being lazy right now), but if you click it, you won't have to wait for the download!

Then I made a new ANODE wallpaper as well, finally getting Solstice Two completed after a couple months of staring at shapes wondering what to do. I'm not convinced that the layout is strong, but I find the images compelling, and it took me forever to pixel-push that gradient on the orange one with the eyedropper and the pencil.

A few hundred-page dent further into Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. For those of you who know, the story, I've gotten to the part where they're in Isengard with Treebeard.

Finally, it's The Soul Trade, the first new honest-to-goodness poem to hit Static in quite a while.

A lot of these things just might be the bubbling up of closure begun in earnest, but I don't know.

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