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31 May 2001

something else

this ugly thing's last incarnation: must've had bad karma.

In the last month or so, I've been ruminating on different options for this page. I wanted to redesign the layout, and sought wise counsel from German, Patty, and, briefly, Lisa.

Patty, in a recent livejournal entry, said that a salon in Taiwan was decorated with colors which are "anode blue". German said he knew instantly how the place looked; this incarnation of Elsewhere, rather than taking a bold leap forward in design or skill, is just another iteration of Life in ANODE Blue. Of course, I've spent the last couple hours updating all of my archived pages to the new look. Anyway, I have no compelling new content to deliver, but to the right over there is one last glimpse of the Elsewhere That Was. Gone are the slightly ill-looking greens, in are the slightly too-dark blues.

And the DHTML in the nav on the left is buggy, but I'm leaving it in just the same. So there. Probably fix it or get rid of it soon, but I can't be bothered to do that tonight.

German did say, after all, that this page is about the writing... if you want nice looking pictures, check out The Television Sky.

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