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26 August 2001

beware of hitchhiking ghosts

So I made a couple wallpapers last night, which I've been mulling over for quite some time. I was making it for the Machine project for the on-again, off-again Lost Angels collective (for the previous project, I made angel on the air). The first wallpaper is the one I submitted for the project (with minimal ANODE branding... I considered even leaving it out completely, but I just like the color of it). The second uses my time-honored tradition of zooming in ridiculously into something and tweaking that for the desired pained-monitor effect. Share and enjoy.

the ghost in the machine
ghost in the machine. 1024x768. 442k.

the other ghost in the machine
ghost in the machine two. 1024x768. 468k.

fade out again

Also made my first honest-to-goodness animation last night (except for some really crappy flash doodads which I'm ashamed to admit to). Sorry it's a big-ass download, but here it is, in its 172k glory:

it's even still called test1.gif, for chrissakes!

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