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9 September 2001

echoes of elsewhere

So, here it is, the first week of Elsewhere version two [point] three, and I still haven't updated with something approaching content. Trust me, I will soon enough.... But to tide you over, feel free to peruse the echoes, ghosts, imprints, whatnot, of the previous 2 major versions of elsewhere (well, I incremented to 2.1 and, looking back, it was still 2.0). Well, if you're so inclined, take a gander at:

version 2.0
version 2.2

Some of the links on those pages will work. But I wouldn't recommend it.

a california adventure

Just yesterday, I had occasion to go to the Disney's California Adventure park for a few short hours. The hows and whys of the evening may be elucidated at a later date, but if you know those, I had quite a good time. The park is visually a very good, very Disney experience, and over the long term, I hold out a considerable amount of optimism for how it will eventually turn out. For now, though, I feel as though (missing the big water ride and the roller coaster) a solid 4 hours is about all it takes to get a full sense of what the park is about, and see all the best things.... If you have occasion to go, or can get in at a steep discount, the "Soaring Over California" ride (a mild motion-simulator in front of an IMAX screen) is absolutely breathtaking. I can see that ride itself having $10 tickets if it were a standalone attraction. You know, it would be well worth it.

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