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21 September 2001
autumnal equinox

childhood realizations

Thinking here for a moment of what I'm to write here on the autumnal equinox, I remember the game Hot Potato played by kids far and wide. Perhaps this was transparent and obvious to everyone else at the time, but not long ago, I realized that the game is a metaphor for a hand grenade.

Don't get caught with the hot potato when the ticking, I mean music, stops.

I also remember the time I was in high school and realized that the alphabet is sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." At the time, I was stunned that such a connection had gone so long unnoticed by me, and when I mentioned it to my friend Jenny, she laughed so hard (she hadn't made that connection either), we nearly drove through a red light.

So, I don't know if either of these things are new to you or not, but realizing these things (the former being slightly sinister, the latter being just amusing) make me wonder what other details have slipped by without my knowledge, and, for that matter, what details continue to slip by my mind, unapprehended.

resolution update

So I made a very vague reference to some New Years resolutions way back when. Apropos of nothing, I will continue to be vague. Deal.

Thus far, my main resolution has been both fulfilled more than I even hoped, and at once remains incomplete. You see, it was a 2-parter, and one part I made quite thoroughly well, and the other I've yet to attain. And I'm down to one quarter of the year to go. How's that for cryptic?

musings of señor prod.

Come back later.


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