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10 December 2001

very good reception

On Thanksgiving (the day my niece Maggie adopted Vancouver Joe as her "brother") after the afternoon early dinner, many of us went for our standard walk around the neighborhood and to the nearby pedestrian overpass over the I-5 to wave at cars (and be cheerily honked at). On the way home, I was noticing the antennas on the roofs of the houses on the block, and an inspiration struck: I wanted one. In my room.

Some weeks previous to that, however, we had noticed a rather long antenna in the Westside neighborhood, and thought it would be interesting to make a track-lighting fixture of it. Well, on Thanksgiving, that idle talk resurfaced quickly... and a plan was slowly beginning to form. The plan went through a few minor evolutionary iterations, variously being accented with Christmas lights, small halogen bulbs on the tips of each element, etc. I also began pricing rooftop TV antennas from ebay to MAT Electronics to Home Depot. Ultimately, in talking with Perry about the idea brought the lights into a central cylinder, encased in a color filter. Further inspiration struck, and I knew how I'd go about the installation of the fixture. At last, just over a week ago, I went with my father to purchase the goods. Long story short, the installation went smoothly, and the results can be seen here.

in dim light

through the blue doorway

full brightness, messy room

shadow at the bowshock

musings of señor prod.

A little precession at the Revolution.


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