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28 December 2001

the experience seattle project, part three

Monday morning saw the apartment empty. Completely. Mr and Mrs Jones were both working for Uncle Bill at Microsoft for what amounted to the entire day. Unexpectedly, the sun was shining, no rain forecast for that day. As I mentioned previously, Mr Jones' apartment is rather void of most creature comforts, but nonetheless, I spent the day reading a couple of the books purchased at the Half Price bookstore. A goodly amount of the day was spent online, and I read the entire book about Terry Gilliam's films and animation by early afternoon.

It was in the middle of the afternoon that I decided to walk to the not-so-nearby (1.8 miles, as it turned out, later) shopping center for lunch at the Schlotzky's Deli. When the westwood Schlotzky's closed some months back, I regarded it as nothing more than a minor disappointment, but have found myself periodically wanting one of their round sandwiches (which no other deli or deli-chain quite has a good surrogate). The weather was lovely cold (though my ears were hurting when I finally arrived at the lunch location), and walking was quite nice (which I love to do anyway) through the town which had the most interesting amalgam of traits from the rural to the clearly suburban. To imagine Issaquah, picture Irvine circa 1970. In ten years, the the population will probably quintuple, in ten more, triple atop that.

While part of my point of going to Seattle in the first place was, as it were to "do a whole lotta nothin'", listening to web broadcasts of old Joe Frank shows and reading wore on, and on, and my return from my lunch/walk at 4:30pm (just around sunset, it was quite lovely), and Raven and Mrs Jones were not to return until nearly 10:30 that night. Boredom set in, but I buffeted that minor storm in stride.

Once they returned home, we ordered pizza and had more wonderful conversation. Eventually, my whole-lotta-nothin day wore to an end, and fitful sleep prevailed upon me.

Next Update: Tuesday! A long story including Creepy Santa, the Space Needle, Frank Gehry's stoner's delight, and dinner with the Snow Queen.

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