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30 september 2002

The Great American Fever Trip of 2002 (Part Four)

In our last installment, we arrived in the lovely, and very european (in many ways) city of San Francisco... we sampled the crooked street, Fisherman's Wharf, and took a quick trip across the Golden Gate and back. That last part I neglected to mention in my last entry because, basically, I forgot.

The Story of Monday

Monday morning we awoke in the nice SF summer and ate cereal and "continental breakfast" supplied by the polite, if slightly odd, Days Inn staff. That morning was selected for another trip across the Golden Gate bridge (interestingly enough, the Golden Gate charges only southbound traffic the toll, which by now has jumped a considerable amount). We drove several miles north of the bridge before turning back and crossing into SF. Once back in SF, we went to the Exploratorium, which is basically a place for kids to learn about science, and it was a great place for us to see the fun optical illusions and the unfortunately very old and poorly-kept demonstration equipment.

The Exploratorium is right next to the famous Marina district. The Marina district of San Francisco is famous for the collapsed and burned houses in the 1989 earthquake. Liquefaction took its toll on those houses, but it was ironic, I thought, that those houses (which have become so gentrified) were built on landfill of the depris and detritus from the 1906 earthquake, after which so much of San Francisco burned to the ground.

After the Exploratorium (and the very pretty-looking Palace of Fine Arts), we got back in the cruiser and drove through SF. Going east, we went past Chinatown and the Financial district, the tall buildings and then took a turn south. My sweetie was starting to feel rather badly by this time... after driving around for the better part of 90 minutes, we went back into the civic center neighborhood and ate at Quizno's (right down the street from a couple Adult Video/Book stores, and one particularly suspicious "massage parlor". After lunch, we went back to the hotel room for some relaxing (a brief while).

After a while in the hotel, we ventured out yet again toward Fisherman's wharf, and went to the Starbucks (where I got coffee in which I put more sugar than a normal human should probably ever consume at one time) and then to the Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not Museum, which was very interesting (including the 1/10-scale Cable Car made of matchsticks). From the museum we went back onto Pier 39, and ate dinner at Neptune's Palace, which is a bit overpriced (compared to Dante's) but the food was decent. From dinner we walked around the wharf and over to Ghirardelli square for some chocolate, then returned back to the hotel to sleep.

Next update: The Story of Tuesday: Point Reyes.

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