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23 august 2003

new elsewhere excitement

It's been just about a year since last I updated this page. Likely, you'll have to wait a while longer to get the full story, unless you've been keeping up religiously with my Livejournal. Even then, you wouldn't know that I left the Revolution (and how glad I am to be out of there... more soapboxing I am sure is to come), and have since been enjoying time among the non-employed.

Alas, this update is merely a stake in the ground and a testbed of my new PHP archive system (used currently on only one archive link, but by the time boredom and ambition combine to drive me to working on them again, you'll see much more), and a couple new CSS tricks, namely, the scrollbars on the longer articles and/or "news" items over there on the right of the page. In the words of Homestar Runner, "Isn't that gweat?"

Perhaps not, but it's something new for you and it's something that baked my noodle for a few hours this afternoon. It also may interest you that I have updated the Elsewhere logo. It's now got a quite nice, slight organically-degraded-digital look, which has been favored in recent years in my design. Scrollbars, PHP and all the excitement you can handle. And no prod musings... they were getting pretty much useless anyway, since I couldn't trust to post my actual opinions on anything with the likes of a certain since-demoted VP gazing over one's shoulders.

This paragraph is here for no other purpose than to show you how the articles scroll when over 300px tall. For more scrolling fun, see "hit parade" in the news column.


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