manifestations of the spirit
ARRIVAL you come to me in a boiling cloud of embers, a cigarette dropped from a car on a nighttime highway you come to me in a deluge of sparks, a high tension wire arcing against a steel frame. DISCOURSE you speak to me in a shiver of muscle, i am a clay sculpture emoting and gesturing at your will you speak to me in a haze of endorphin, i am a pathway alternately offering and accepting. POSSESSION you embrace me in a fine linen veil, an embalming, a preservation for a future time you embrace me in a wide ocean current, a cleansing, a manifestation of your presence. ABATEMENT you recede from me in a zephyr, echoing and whistling, moving in a bleached, weathered distance you recede from me in a cascade of subatomic reactions, generating and annihilating, pulsating in a scintillation chamber. DEPARTURE you leave me in a frightful dream, a dismal sense of déjà vu, suffocating in a flood of world-borne sand you leave me in an isolated vision, a lonely place, questioning the memory of you passing through my soul.

©2000 Timothy A. Clark