the zenith
the channels of the television sky
the nadir

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03. Excerpt From a Sunday Afternoon Conversation
...was the name of rain and
the sound of its tears.
It was the faint sound of]
Three fifty-six.
[The faint sound of a car gone by outside.
The receiver was beginning to hurt my ear.
I needed to talk to you.
I needed you to know I cared.]
I asked another question
(the score is now 10 to 2).
The words you spoke:
I had a good time, saw a lot of plays.
What you said:
[The faint sound of time,
which I never heard before
and never heard
since, being dislocated,
warped so that each
second passing was]
Three fifty-seven.
I asked another question
(the score is now 11 to 2).
[The faint sound of your sigh
was a fingernail,
piercing my heart,
and drawing just
a pinprick of blood
from my veins. A tear from]
The words you spoke:
I'm meeting a friend for dinner. I gotta go.
     I'll see you thursday.
What you said:
You are not a part of me...