the zenith
the channels of the television sky
the nadir

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04. kisses
her kisses
fall soft,
elastic lips
brush mine.

[it was in the night when i saw her, leading edges held close by lightning and lycra, but this was the first night i saw her, eyes i fell into, something out of amaranthine dreams, out of the scent of the lotus-flowers; as we slept,]

water sounds
rush over,
my pulse
speeds on.

[i pointed out Orion's belt, the jeweled sword, the hunting dogs, on the back balcony while she mentioned her knowing pain and the lust for oblivion (which we both fell into), something out of timeless cries, satin voices taunting as we parted,]

wait now,
dancing floors
sway dizzily,
i fall,

[she asked me to stay, she was veiled and a mystery, built from thoughts like bone, she pulls me to her side, speaking soft the words of a song, something out of latent lies, murmured with pale hope, and weary faith which was]

slipping down
through floors
and ceilings,
back here.

[exhilaration like nothing i've known, a plastic stress built from unstructured sentences and the light fixture which stayed humming between us, moaning out brown light, but this was something out of my mundane dreams.]

lips part.
slip down
timid walls
like death.

   -- kisses appeared in the journal gravity.