the zenith
the channels of the television sky
the nadir

ANODE -|- elsewhere -|- [poetry] static -|- the television sky -|- waterproject 1998 -|- aurora -|- [fiction] -|- intimations of geography

07. memories of the hologram rose
beneath the red-stained sky,
walking slow, silent
bare feet grate on coarse
hum in the breathless activity of distraction.

interwoven iron canopy, rust colored wind
obscured the heavens from
low-huddled masses
labor in hope of oblivion,
in hope of novelty.

see the sparkling
splinters of glass upon the streets;
splinters of a hologram
each rendering the image of the whole:

a rose, discolored,
sickly golden green,
yellowed ivory thorns,
withered paper petals
but still, we dreamed.

we saw time to come
and glories
higher up than centuries
and failures
lower down than stone.

soon the fall of the armature
soon the end of nations
consumed and burning
the bold moon shone on

a simple rose,
reduced by marching lights
to numbers
untold, mysteries abound
of domes and glass and flesh.

induced unconsciousness
dreams of reality
to separate wheat from chaff
to isolate mind from body
but never quite to know between.

when the sky was static
the seas were gray,
shafts of light fell before us,
in distance, we see the turmoil
outlined in a word, in a sigh.

that night, we spoke
of dreams
steals the hours, and the tides.

reflections upon the soot stained
from the glass of the rose . broken,
and each image, though shattered,