waterproject 1998

I am indebted to the following people for their kind encouragement, their constructive criticism, and their work, which has inspired me.

Nancy Wang was, whether she realizes it or not, the one who inspired me to take my writing seriously, and to take up my pen again after a long absence. She has also been kind enough to give editorial suggestions for much of what is in here. And believe me, I took a lot of them.

Jennifer Crystal Fang-Chien is among my favorite "lesser known" poets. She was the first to call to my attention my extensive (though some would say copious) use of water-based imagery, and she has also been kind enough to make suggestions for some of the work here. There is a considerable amount that our separate writings have in common, and I think hers is better than mine. Please visit her excellent poetry page.

Last, but certainly not least, is my good friend Perry Wang. I've known him for seven years, and he probably only wanted to injure me badly for three of them. For those who know me, it is a feat of incredible proportion. His graphic design is, well, awesome. Really. Please visit his page.

This is for them, and the others, who know why.