waterproject 1998


I have noticed that humanity tends to congregate at borders. Not necessarily the borders of states, per se, but borders of state.

There is a certain magnetic draw that such places as beaches have. People are drawn to the border of land and sea. Perhaps it is because, in watching the waves, there is something fundamentally vital about this immense thing which lies before us in ceaseless motion. Perhaps it is the exhilaration of being in the presence of raw physical power, or the subtle, almost unconscious excitement of danger in the sense of interacting with that unique substance which is essential to life, but the infamous hand in so many deaths.

I doubt we will ever know completely the strange and intimate relationship of people and water, but it is something to wonder at, and something I think worthwhile to wonder about.


waterproject 1998 first saw its initiation in march 1998. However, unlike many of my premises for multidisciplinary projects, this one has finally seen the light of day, or, more precisely, the blue light of a computer monitor. My intention for waterproject is to create an alloy of intellect and emotion. You may note as you proceed through waterproject 1998 that it focuses heavily on poetry and short narrative, conveying scientific information in human symbolism, or, perhaps, the other way around. If you consider yourself a scientist, you may notice the heavy poetic inclination of waterproject 1998. If you consider yourself more of a poet, you may find the opposite. Just don't write to me and chastise me for using plasma and singularity as states of "water." I know the difference, and I did this on purpose.

While there is no profanity, some of the imagery may not be suitable for children.

The navigation bar on the left can take you through the five states of waterproject, and clicking on the banner at the top will return you here.

waterproject 1998 is a foray into the realm where the tangible blurs into the ethereal.

Before proceeding into the maw, as it were, I first encourage you to read the acknowledgements of those who directly, or indirectly, inspired or gave assistance to me in this, my first real quest for combining in a meaningful way two of my favorite pastimes: science and writing.